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Does it really matter?

It is indeed essential to be open-minded. It doesn’t mean we have to agree and accept everything, but it is worthwhile to be interested, and therefore open-minded. Otherwise, we may be led to believe that propaganda is only a thing of the past. Acknowledging the dangers of indoctrination within religion, media or education is a good thing. Tolerance and freedom are also crucial. Tolerance does not mean that everyone holds the same belief system, but that we accept that we can believe or think differently. In this freedom that you have, that we have, our desire is to let you know what we consider to be of uttermost importance.

If God exists, why do we suffer?

This question is surely the most commonly asked. From the beginning, man wanted to cross the borders of good and go into evil territory. This is what the Bible calls sin. This evil begins in my own heart, every time I cross the borders of good. We are fooling ourselves if we reject the notion that evil is very much present in each one of us. In my freedom, do I accept to submit to God and stay within the borders He calls good? If that’s the case, I recognize that my Creator is greater than me and that He knows what is good more than I do.

Are faith and science compatible?

Faith can be reasonable as much as it can be unreasonable ; the same can be true for science. Science is often considered to be the supreme, or ultimate, authority. If scientists still refuse to recognize the existence of a higher design behind all this intelligence (namely, the universe), it’s in part because they don’t want God—and thus, the Bible— to have the ultimate authority. Faith and science are compatible as long as they are both reasonable.

Does it matter whether or not I believe in God?

If God doesn’t exist, all victims are forsaken. Fortunately, God exists, and He knows everything, He sees everything, and justice will be done. Without God, there would be no transcendence, and good and evil would only be a matter of opinion or preference.

Why doesn’t God intervene?

Voltaire believed in God but thought He had turned his back on Creation. If this was the case, the situation would indeed be quite hopeless. God didn’t create robots; He made us free, but our choices are not without consequences. We are all responsible for our actions, and there will be a day when the justice will be made.

Is there still hope for me to be saved?

I have made many mistakes and committed many sins in my life. I don’t think there would be enough time in the world for me to try to make things right. Fortunately, there is a solution, a light at the end of the tunnel. It is so easy to see the problems in others, but so difficult to see them in myself. If I recognize that I am a sinner, I confess my sins and turn away from them. If I believe that God, in Jesus, gave Himself at the cross for me and paid for my sins, I have eternal life. That is faith. Faith is both easy—it is freely given to everyone who desires it—and hard—because of my pride.

Lucky you, you already have faith!

Everyone has faith in something. I can believe that God exists or believe He doesn’t exist.


On one particular occasion, I was carpooling with a man from Corsica and had the opportunity to share my faith with him. He said that “give” is the most appropriate word for “love”. And he was right I guess: if we look at this world’s way of thinking, we realize that people have many expectations and wants. But the real question is, “Am I ready to give—to give myself?”. The perfect exemple is Jesus. God didn’t stay in Heaven while we wretched people were wrestling with our sins. God became small, he became a man—and that is extraordinary. While man tries to be god, God made Himself man. When man boldly declares, “I’m so strong”, what is he really next to His Creator? So little.

And what about morals?

Morals seem to be only made of barriers and restrictions. However, an excellent class assignment handed back with a bad grade will soon awaken a sense of injustice in us. We are never really upset when injustice happens to others, but when it affects us, everything changes.

Why all this?

Dear Reader, we want you to receive eternal life after your physical death and have the fullness of joy that is found in knowing God. Life on earth will always be marked by the consequences of sin, and happiness doesn’t exist outside God. It is that simple.

Many other questions could be asked, such as, “What about people who cannot make choices due to their disability or age?” and “ What do you make of other religions?”.

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